Price List current as at 19 March 2015.  (All prices are quoted in AUD)
All Kracka boards comply with current SLSA specifications, both Junior and Senior movements.          
From $1723 
P.O.A (any artwork)

STOCK PADDLEBOARD $1814. (Includes artwork as provided)
As used by Australia’s Top Iron Men and Women to win numerous Australian and State Titles for many years.

Our shapes are custom designed for each competitor and are a market leader with performance.

Create your own artwork or choose one from our board Gallery and we will quote the additional cost for you.
Most of our board’s are now constructed with our new Sandwich Construction method.  We are the first Australian Manufacturer to have the technology to use this process.
Sandwich construction has been around for quite some time predominately used in sail board construction.  For the past 8 years Kracka has been developing the same technology for the manufacture of paddleboards and we are pleased to say that the foam sandwich Kracka Paddleboards are now available in most sizes.
The stiffness of theses boards gives a much livelier board that does not loose forward inertia in choppy conditions due to the board flexing.
These boards are more resistant to dings which can turn into delaminations and the fatigue of the board is improved. 
All Kracka boards are uniquely designed using our innovative robotic system. Enhanced Performance is assured along with a guarantee that your board will be one of the best looking boards on the beach with our custom design artwork.
Kracka boards have been used to win Australian Titles in every age group and are in huge demand both here in Australia and now World Wide.  Our reputation has been built with over 20 years in the market and our commitment to producing the best board we can for our competitors is reknown.


From $966 (excludes Australian GST)
POA (any artwork)   
Used by many to win State and Australian titles.  This racing board is the latest and greatest design.  
Create your own design or let our artists create something for you.  Choose from a huge range of paint colours including metallics and pearls.  Refer to our Board Gallery on our Web site for ideas

Our mission at Kracka is to continually bring our customers the best product that we can produce and with our New range of foamies we have delivered on this with, more secure handles, a better finish, new patterns and the LIGHTEST board ever produced.

A lighter board is a faster board and our 2012 board is certainly very light weighing in at around 4kg!

Our standard size will suit most children of this age group with our large board now unavailable at this time.

Colour’s available are Blue, Lime, Yellow, Red, Pink, Mauve and introducing our New Maui Wave Design in Blue and Red.  All boards have the White Slick Bottom.

Plain coloured foamies $450 (excludes Australian GST)


$1478 (excludes Australian GST)


$1500 (excludes Australian GST)

 Kracka Rescue boards are lighter and faster than any other Rescue board available)

From $1478 (excludes Australian GST)
(As used by APOLA Members – Comes in 3 different widths)

Features on every board: 
- 4 Handles (2 front, 2 rear)
- (Additional Handle available for extra $50)
- Knee pads  
- Recessed handle (One or Two)
- Removable fin
- One colour spray design in colour of choice (including metallic or pearl)
- Touch up paint, in 1 Colour (nail polish bottle size)


1)   Extra Spray design (individually quoted)    
2)   Sponsors Sign writing (individually quoted)
3)   Freight & delivery charges 
4)   Travel Cover $137 Nipper Boards/foamies
4)   Travel Cover $181 Paddleboards

We will require:- 
1.  A 50% deposit for all Orders (Cash or Cheque or Credit Card) before commencement of board, with total invoice amount to be paid before board leaves factory:
2.  Official club order with club letterhead and authorization (for Club Orders)
3.  A 1.5% Surcharge applies for payments made via Credit Card option.

No boards shall be taken or sent from our factory unless fully paid for - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!